By using the 3-d origami technique of folding paper into triangular modules and interlocking them together, Clifford creates unique sculpture. He enjoys recycling & reusing different paper to create his pieces.

"I create my work from paper once used for various purposes. Some of my pieces are made from junk mail magazines, old brochures and playbills. Others are made from old processed Florida Lottery tickets. It always amazes me the large amount of paper produced, used once then thrown away or recycled. All of these pages had a specific use at one moment in time."


He has been a featured artist at:

* "1:26 The Art of Epilepsy" the Hidden Truths Project 

* "Play and Pastimes" Jacksonville International Airport 2016  

* "Big Fun Art" AnnMarie Sculpture Garden in Maryland 2018

* "Reclaimed: Life Beyond the Landfill" Jacksonville Public Library June - September 2019

He is currently in the exhibition "Off The Beaten Path" at the Thrasher Horne Center until February 15, 2020.