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Clifford Buckley found the art of 3D origami at a difficult point in his life. In a short period of time, he had lost his mother, his job, and his ability to drive. The building industry had crashed, and as a professional truss designer, Buckley was finding it extremely difficult to find work in his profession. It was during his exasperating twenty-two months of unemployment that he happened upon a YouTube video that ignited a spark in his spirit. It was a video on how to fold paper into triangles, and so began Buckley's journey with 3D origami. 

As a professional truss designer, Buckley keenly understood the architecture of triangular shaped objects. Here was an opportunity to practice his trade! Granted it was on a much, much smaller scale, but he was creating again which is something he had always enjoyed about his work. He found inspiration in 3D origami and soon was turning small paper triangles into unique 3D art!


Buckley enjoys recycling and reusing different types of paper to create his pieces. His specialty is animal sculpture and complex origami wall art. Buckley states, "I often source my paper from junk mail, magazines, old brochures, telephone books, playbills and Florida Lottery tickets. It always amazes me the large amount of paper produced, used once, then thrown away or recycled. All of these pages had a specific use at one moment in time, and I enjoy the process of giving them a new life!"

Buckley began exhibiting his art in 2013. His most recent work, Ebb and Flow, was created during the peak of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Again, Buckley found a way to turn stressful and dark times into a thing of beauty. Ebb and Flow represents resiliency and is a 3' x 6' wall art piece created out of 5,640 folded triangles with 275 hand-written messages from members of his congregation, Congregation Ahavath Chesed. Including the logistics of gathering all the messages, the piece took a year to complete. Members of the congregation were asked to include a message on blue pieces of paper that they were given that represented what they were going through during the isolating times of the coronavirus. People wrote about their hopes and fears. Some were funny, and others were sad, and some felt inspired to share a recipe, while others found comfort in song lyrics. "It's like a prayer wall" Buckley said. "This is my way of trying to bring everyone together to make something beautiful in unity and strength." I think we can all agree that it worked, and that Buckley personifies the resilient capacity of the human spirit!

Now, Buckley is happily employed and enjoys his life as an artist. He continues to create 3D origami art for shows and private collections. For more information, or to commission Buckley for a unique 3D origami design, kindly email


Ebb and Flow: Congregation Ahavath Chesed, Jacksonville, FL  June 2021 - Present

Arts Infusion: Museum of Science and History Jacksonville, FL  November 2020 - January 2021

Off The Beaten Path: Thrasher Horne Center, Orange Park, FL  November 2019 - February 2020

Reclaimed: Life Beyond the Landfill: Downtown Library, Jacksonville, FL  June - September 2019

1:26 The Art of Epilepsy: Hidden Truths Project, Costa Mesa, CA  September 2017

Big Fun ArtAnn: Marie Sculpture Garden & Art Center, Solomons, Maryland 2018

Play and Pastimes: Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission, Jacksonville, FL  April - June 2017  

Sparkwalk: Jacksonville, FL  April 2016

The Mind Unraveled: Hidden Truths Project, Costa Mesa, CA  October 2014, 2015, 2016

Jami’s Barber Shop & Art Studio, Jacksonville, FL  November - December 2013

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