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On working with Cliff Buckley, by Dr. Julie Thompson-Dobkin - Hidden Truths Project: The Kant Institute

I have had the pleasure of viewing and then showcasing Clifford’s work since 2014 for the annual Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled and more recently 1:26 The Art of Epilepsy, art exhibits and fundraisers for epilepsy research.


In the 2014 exhibit, Clifford stated, “It is very interesting to be discovered as an artist when you are discovering you are an artist.”


Over the past four years of exhibiting his work, his art has evolved into ever more complex structures, as he has mastered the art of 3D origami.  Each piece takes on a life of its own, from Tazo tea bag elephants to intertwining lottery ticket flamingos … each work more intricate, full of life, bringing endless joy to the observer.  His passion for his craft and generosity in support of The Art of Epilepsy is inspiring and commendable.  I look forward to seeing each new work he creates.


Swooping Owl 

Ellie's Story, from Conception to Installation

Ellie is a true example of community art at it's best. She started to come to life at last year's Art Spark, where I had several works on display. People were intrigued and kept asking what they were and how I made them. I had some extra recycled magazines, so I tore some pages out and started to show them how to fold the triangles. As people stopped by, I explained and then asked if they would like to fold a triangle with me. Most tried. As her body began to take shape, I added their triangles to the body and told them that they now would be a part of her. Ellie is a true ambassador of the city of Jacksonville and of the great people who participated in coming together and helping out that day.


My experience with the JIA Arts Commission, 2017

It has been a privilege to be among the featured artists selected for the Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission’s 2017 Program. The location of my exhibit featured in the southside Connector Bridge cases has given me the ability to share my work with millions of diverse people traveling in and out of Jacksonville, Florida.


I have seen firsthand reactions and excitement of people viewing my original origami. It has been a great joy knowing my artwork moves people in a positive way. I believe my animals somehow strike a common chord with others.

I also have had numerous contact with people now interested in acquiring my work. One traveler through the airport, a gentleman from Virginia, has ordered a commission. And, I sold two of the works on display including my largest and most complex piece, “Ellie”. Her collector is in fact the owner of the magazine company whose materials were repurposed by me to create Ellie! He is fabricating a special case for her and commissioning additional works from me to place in the lobby of his new corporate headquarters in Jacksonville.

JIA Arts Commission, thank you for pushing my career to the next level! This experience has given me new confidence and purpose as an artist.

- Clifford Buckley

Everybody likes 3D origami!


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